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0 Subject: RWF Scoring 2017

Posted by: GO
- [388562222] Mon, Jan 02, 2017, 23:03

Rules Updates
YES Bump Women's Title matches to be in line with IC and US Title scoring?
NO Continue to score Main Event?
YES 3rd 4th place matchup – winner earns the better draft pick slot ALL rounds
YES cruiser title matches line up with tag scoring
18/16 Draw scoring incorporated as part of DQ/time win scoring, single or tag as applicable

RWF Constitution - Rules & Scoring
Smackdown, RAW and PPV will be scored.
Main Event, NXT, and other WWE Network only shows will not be scored. Main Event scoring dropped for 2017

Match Results
Singles pinfall win: +30
Singles DQ/Draw/Forfeit/Count out win: +18
Singles pinfall loss: +15
Singles DQ/forfeit/count out loss: +10

Tag Team pinfall win: +25
Tag Team DQ/Draw/Forfeit/Count out win: +16
Tag Team pinfall loss: +12
Tag Team DQ/forfeit/count out loss: +10

Any no contest +10

Championship Titles
World/WWE Championship win: +50
Intercontinental Championship win +30
United States Title win +30
Women Championship win: +30
Tag Team Championship win: +25
Cruiserweight Championship win: +25
WWE/World Title Defense: +12
Intercontinental/US Title/Women Defense: +10
Tag Team Title / Cruiser-weight Defense: +8
Any Other Title Defense: +5

Championship Match Points
Championship Match participants get one of: title defense points, Championship Match points, or Championship Win points, as appropriate.

WWE/World Title Match: +7
Intercontinental/US/Women Title Match: +5
Tag Team Title / Cruiser-weight Match: +5
Any Other Title Match: +2

TV/PPV Specialty Match +5 (defined at bottom)
TV Show Main Event Match +10
TV Show in-ring promo: +5
TV Show Closing promo: additional +5
TV Show run-in/interference: +5
TV Show appearance: +3 points will be earned for any stage, ramp or ringside appearance that does not already earn promo or interference points
TV Show backstage interview/vignette: +2 (more than just being there as the camera pans through)

Guest Hosting: +5
Guest Referee +5

PPV Match: +12 (only awarded once per event and in addition to win, loss or no contest points for the match)
PPV Main Event: +20 (in addition to win, loss or no contest and also PPV match points)
PPV interview: +5
PPV backstage vignette: +5
PPV in-ring promo: +10
PPV appearance: +5
PPV run-in / interference: +10
PPV Hosting: +5 (this included PPV roundtable one time 5 point score)
PPV bonus 12 -- In order to get 12 PPV bonus match points... you need to appear live on the PPV in some capacity. Even if its arriving in the limo and you get jumped. You were part of "the show" and the PPV story of the forfeit.
PPV Preshow Matches
The only thing scored are W/L points (or DQ/No Contest) points.
The only additional points would be if it were a championship or specialty match for the opponents.
Promo's, interference, announcing, valet, backstage, vignettes, main event match etc. scoring are all ignored.

Royal Rumble Scoring Formula
Elimination rank (winning = 50)
- (minus) Entrance rank
+ (plus) # of wrestlers eliminated
+ (plus) 25 points

There is no 12 point PPV match bonus for Rumble participants unless the wrestler is in another match.
Battle Royal Scoring
Winner gets 30 points.
2nd gets 20
3rd gets 19
4th gets 18
5th gets 17
on down to 12th place and everyone lower than that, who each get 10 points.

If the battle royal is the main event, only the final 25% of contestants (rounded up) will get the extra main event points, with a minimum of 2 wrestlers.
10-12 man royal, the final 3 get ME points.
13-16 man royal, the final 4 get ME points.
17-20, the final 5.
21-24, the final 6, etc.

Elimination Chamber-specific scoring:
Winner gets 35 points.
2nd gets 27
3rd gets 24
4th gets 21
5th gets 18
6th gets 15
+5 points for each elimination
This is on top of any main event or championship match points that could be earned.

Other Rules
Trade Deadline will be roughly a month before seasons end and no further trading til the draft begins.
1 add/drop max per week.
Waiver Priority Trading is allowed.
Draft will always be straight draft reverse order of standings following the playoffs.
Post-draft waiver priority is order of previous season (reverse of draft).
Lumberjacks always get interference points.
Gauntlet - "A gauntlet match, where a wrestler or team takes on a series of opponents in a single show will be scored as one match. The end result will be a win or a loss versus the final participant in the gauntlet match. However, as a bonus, the wrestler(s) involved will earn a 10 point bonus for each victory during the gauntlet match leading up to (but not including) the final match of the gauntlet."

When there is debate about wrestler identity we will default to award points to the real person - not the character i.e. Hunico would earn Sin Cara points end of 2013.
"The whole roster on the ramp" will no longer give points to everybody. Just those singled out or directly involved. If they are in the ring, then points are given as that is considered directly involved.
Match results will be voted on if in doubt - tiebreak goes to WWE website. Example - we blatantly see something as a DQ regardless of how WWE posts it we will score as DQ unless 4 people object.

Roster Move Max Clarification
Only 1 Add/Drop per Roster Freeze lineup period may be executed. This also includes calling up your own prospect to your main roster.
You cannot have 2 claims settle in the same Roster Freeze "Week" either. So if you have already done your one claim for the week - then you cannot start another waiver claim until you are 24 hours away from the start of the next week. In a standard week that would be 8:01 EST on Sunday night -- the claim would clear at 8:01 on Monday night after RAW starts and that claim can be applied to the next Roster Freeze period.
The simplest way to keep it all straight is you can only have 1 claim clear and new talent added to your team in each "Weekly XX Rosters" thread.

Announcers and Backstage Interviewer Point Amendment
Announcers and backstage interviewers will no longer receive points for simply calling matches or interviewing somebody backstage. For regular TV or PPV's.

Weekly Deadline
7:00PM est Sunday during weeks with a Sunday PPV (assuming the lead-in show starts at that time).
9:00PM est Monday during weeks when there is no Sunday PPV.

Final PPV Waiver Claim Processing
Respective seasons will be ending with PPV taping. This is the only show scored for that week.

There will be a final - league wide - waiver claim processing at 6 PM* on the day of the final PPV. All claims submitted prior to 6 PM Saturday will still follow the traditional 24 hour period. All claims during this 24 hour window will be processed at the same time - 6 PM* on Sunday - and if you would like that claim to be in your starting lineup, that offers a few hours before the PPV starts, to get it finalized, otherwise they will be on your bench. If you are unavailable during this time, leave detailed instructions with other league members to post your roster and any moves.
*6PM time could vary depending on PPV start time.
There will be a 1 claim max for all weeks of the season.
Also, 6 PM process time eliminates the "post final freeze" waiver claim situation so that is no longer applicable.

Match Guidelines were clarified:
1. Match rules are defined - i.e. how a winner will be delcared - including but not limited to pinfall, submission, 10 count, escape of cage, over the top rope, first blood, something on a pole, ladder, I Quit, Ultimate X, Monsters Ball, Hangman's Horror, Inferno match, Iron Man, Lumberjack, Scaffold match, Strip match, Evening Gown, Pillow fight, Boxing fight, Sumo match, _____ Brawl, Casket match, Punjabi Prison, Hell in a Cell, Guantlet, War Games etc.
2. An opening bell indicating the start of the match
3. An ending bell and winner declared
4. Situtations currently confirmed to NOT be considered a match including but not limited to - Arm Wrestling, Masterlock Challenge, Contract Signing, staredown, meet and greet, press conference

"Show Closing Promo" points -YES- 5 Bonus
Points for any individuals who are already earning previously defined 5 promo points... but this promo is the last segment before the show ends. This segment needs to be separate from the last match of the evening. This includes (but is not limited to) contract signings, arm wrestling challenges, stare downs, talk show segments, master lock challenges etc.

Main Event Points will still be given out to those in the last match of the show.

RWF Changes Schedule
We're going with 3 roughly 4 month seasons. A schedule will be outlined in the Waivers Transactions thread prior to each season.
Just after halfway we’ll split into a Fatal Four and a Final Four with multi week head to head matchups.
Final Four goes head to head for the title.
Fatal Four goes head to head for the most lottery balls.
Draft order for will be based on post-playoff finishing order.

Fatal Four Lottery Notes
Weighting based on Fatal Four finish.
1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%
4th - 0%

How Many Picks in Lottery - First 3 picks of the first Round.
Subsequent rounds is finishing order after playoff matchups.
NEW 2017 Bronze medal matchup – winner gets 5th pick each round, loser gets the 6th

Keeper Guidelines
There will be 3 keepers, still lose top scorer.
If you have a “Prospect” defined who still has less than 100 points, you can carry them over. Once the draft starts and all draft pick trades have been addressed, that prospect will just be your lowest and last draft pick choice.

Trading Guidelines
Trading – no more trading 1st + 2nd to same manager one season
Trading - If you don't have a 1st round pick in the current draft, you cannot trade your 1st rounder away that season for the next draft
Trading - no more trading beyond upcoming season

Prospect Guidelines
A wrestler is prospect eligible if they had not scored 100 or more points in the previous season.

The prospect will need to be picked and declared a prospect during the draft in any round and he is your prospect till he hits 100 in the current season.
If he never does you can keep in subsequent off seasons and just forfeit your worst pick at draft time.
The prospect will remain on your bench until he hits 100 points or you call him up to your active roster.
You call him to your active roster by dropping one of your other 7 talents.
This add/drop of your prospect will count as your one transaction for the week.
Trading of prospect eligible players is allowed and they retain that eligibility.
Once your prospect crosses the 100 point threshold you will have roster freeze weeks to add them or they will be kicked to the free agent pool.
You can acquire as many prospects as you want via trade but at draft time must be down to 0-1 prospect.
**We voted the first time we did prospects to allow team owners to change which (eligible) wrestler - THAT THEY DRAFTED - was their prospect up until the time you post your season opening Week 1 Roster.

Scoring Changes – 5 Point Stipulation Bonus
There will be a 5 point bonus for participants in specialty matches.
Updates and clarifications for S24 -- Handicap matches ARE specialty matches for all match participants

These include but are not limited to…
Hell in a Cell
Cage Match
Ladder Match
Tables Match
Thrown into something match i.e Casket, Buried Alive, Dumpster, Car Trunk etc.
Gauntlet (for primary participant only)
Bra and Panties
I Quit
Falls Count Anywhere
Multiple Falls
Anything on a Pole Match
Pools of Fluid Match
Weapons Match
Street Fight
Hardcore Match
Last Man Standing
Elmination (i.e. Survivor Series)
First Blood

Due to their unique scoring parameters, Elimination Chamber, Battle Royal and Royal Rumble matches will not be included.

If a match does not specifically fit the above named stipulation matches, it must pass BOTH of the following criteria to be counted for a 5 point "stipulation match" bonus at the discretion of the scoring team and league:

1 - It must be given some special name - i.e. "Kiss my A$$ Match" -
2 - It must involve something out of the ordinary - be it an act the winner/loser must do, or involve some weapon/aparatus/venue change from the ordinary, or involve an unique way of winning (i.e. the winner must hog-tie the loser) - in order to count.

In the event of a tiebreak - team with highest score from the current week wins tiebreak. Round ending PPV's for the playoffs are considered their own "week" so just your score from the PPV would be the tiebreak. If that is tied as well go back to prior week and so on.

prior Scoring Thread
      ID: 565491620
      Sun, Sep 03, 2017, 00:07
Round Ending PPV Waiver Processing
Every round ending PPV, including the one the ends the regular season -- will have the 6 PM processing time of all pending waiver claims. This applies every time there is a single "Week" PPV.

Main Event Interference/Run In Bonus
If interference, run in occurs during the main event match segment (either pre-match, during match or post match) then an extra +5 for interfering in the main event match segment
      ID: 67303015
      Mon, Sep 04, 2017, 16:48
Dressed as colonel sanders plus 10 points.
      ID: 565491620
      Mon, Jan 01, 2018, 15:57
Opening Roster Notes
If an opening lineup is not posted, your 1st starting roster will be your keepers plus your 1st 3 picks made. Your prospect will be deemed the last player picked that is an eligible prospect.

League also reserves right to give you a stupid team name.
4Greg Rude
      ID: 247532822
      Wed, Aug 29, 2018, 23:01
Bump for Samson
      ID: 112192620
      Fri, Apr 19, 2019, 21:58
New for Season 40
Womens title, defense points etc. will be in line with mens world title

Playoff and regular season final waiver processing will be adjust to 4 PM before final PPV
      ID: 16158169
      Tue, Nov 05, 2019, 11:44
I think it’s probably time to put the NXT title in line with IC/US title points starting next season, they are pushing the show a lot more and the last two shows have even had it defended.

Given that they are making a pretty big deal about the show with the move to USA, I’d put it back up for vote that we consider scoring it next season as well.
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