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0 Subject: Draft related news...

Posted by: Tree
- Donor [599393013] Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 15:23

so i drafted Nick Dinsmore based on the fact Jim Cornette said several months ago he was surprised Dinsmore hadn't gotten the call from the WWE yet.

i read today that he's gotten the call, and is beginning to work house shows...

by Mike Johnson @ 2:33:00 PM on 3/28/2004

Longtime WWE developmental talent Nick Dinsmore began working under the ring name "Eugene" at the Raw house shows this weekend.

The idea behind the Eugene character is that of an over the top simpleton who loves professional wrestling. I was told the character would be similar in vein to Warren (Cameron Diaz's younger brother) in the feature film "There's Something About Mary."

now, i suppose it's a good thing that he's gotten the call, but what the hell kind of gimmick is that?!?!?!
      ID: 7724916
      Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 15:29
(In best "Butt-head" voice from Beavis & Butthead)

Uhhhh-huhh huh. He drafted a nerd ...... uhhhh-huhhhhhh huh
      ID: 472342815
      Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 16:36
no, not even a nerd. if you've seen the movie Something About Mary, i've drated a retard...
      ID: 141211615
      Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 18:43
You only need recall the great George 'The Animal' Steel to realize the gimick has some nice potential. I can see him carrying off Miss Jackie on his shoulder after disposing of Rico in short order and eating a turnbuckle. Also, when I read "over the top simpleton who loves professional wrestling", the first thing I though of was Hillbilly Jim, who, if anyone remembers, was regularly placed in the crowd in the weeks before his debut. The announcers started giving him props as a big fan, and eventually Hogan took him under his wing.
      ID: 472342815
      Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 18:53
ya know MITH, that's a really interesting analogy, particularly the mention of Miss Jackie.

there's actually a history between Rico and Dinsmore. Rico won his third and final OVW Championship over Dinsmore (ending Dinsmore's sixth reign - he's since gone on to win the tital a total of EIGHT times) before he headed to the WWE.

a lot of those OVW guys - Dinsmore, the Bashams, Rico, Brock, Benjamin, Conway, and Cena all have a history together. as weird as it sounds, Rico and Cena were actually Tag Team champs together.
      ID: 7724916
      Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 21:23
Why in the (*&)(* couldn't Dinsmore get this push LAST year? Geez.
      ID: 217351118
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 06:41
Well I wouldn't call it a push just yet. He could just wind up being a Heat/Velocity guy.
      ID: 472342815
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 07:18
interesting results from a house show:

Paul London & Kidman v. The Bashams:
Lots of unique offense from London(let’s hope he doesn’t get the typical cruiserweight treatment forever). Kidman hits the shooting star press on Doug (or was it Danny?) Basham for the win. Nice opener.

former champs losing to guys who are, for storyline purposes, jobbers?

      ID: 3155515
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 15:36
I told you Billy Kidman ruled! The only reason he hasn't seen significant in ring time is because of injuries...
      ID: 599393013
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 15:52
kev - billy kidman used to rule. i should show you indie show tapes i have from '96, '97...then he gained weight and cut his hair, and has pretty much sucked. he used to have one of the prettiest SSP's in all of wrestling, now even brock lesner does it better...and brock nearly died doing his...
10Great One@ Work
      ID: 40150137
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 17:14
I think it was Kidman last week on Smackdown fighting someone who came over from Raw... and the announcers were like - I hope he can adjust to the cruiserweight luchadore style of the these high flying small guys blah blah blah... was it RVD maybe? vs. Kidman - who is still seen as a cruiserweight I guess - but is bigger is actually bigger then RVD.

Gains all the weight and still can't get out of the cruiserweight matches.
      ID: 3155515
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 17:40
It was Dupree...

I loved Kidman when he was part of the flock. He did gain too much weight...too bad.
      ID: 599393013
      Mon, Mar 29, 2004, 17:56
the Dupree trade was great for him. mark my words. huge heel heat by Summerslam...
      ID: 4991311
      Sat, Apr 03, 2004, 23:49
To follow up on the recent WWE releases of Terri Runnels and Sean O’Haire, WWE felt it would be best to part ways with the diva since she was not being used. Sean O’Haire career started to dwindle after Roddy Piper was released after the comments he made on HBO concerning the deaths in wrestling. He was sent to OVW after Piper was released from WWE. WWE had planned to release O’Haire for quite some time, and the word has been going around last week that his time will be up with WWE shortly
      ID: 3155515
      Sun, Apr 04, 2004, 00:07
man, glad I off loaded him!
15blue hen
      ID: 331038201
      Mon, Apr 05, 2004, 01:14
The new Dupree is great. He's going to be a great heel. Not as great as Bradshaw though.
      ID: 7724916
      Mon, Apr 05, 2004, 11:22
I also love the 'new' (although it's not so new....just the poodle) Dupree. Makes you wonder if anything would've changed if Grenier didn't get hurt.

You know you're in like Flynn when your first angle is with John Cena.

I too love the new Bradshaw angle. Isn't it funny how he/the WWE are leveraging his outside of wrestling success in finance into a new wrestling angle? Yeah, I think so too.
17Great One@ Work
      ID: 40150137
      Thu, Apr 08, 2004, 10:24
damn, i wanted Regal last year... oh well.
      ID: 599393013
      Mon, Apr 12, 2004, 10:35

by Mike Johnson @ 10:10:00 AM on 4/12/2004

World Wrestling Entertainment will be reviving an old WCW tradition this June as their Sunday 6/27 PPV will be titled "The Great American Bash." The Bash will take place in Norfolk, Virgina and will be based around patriotic themes. Norfolk is the home of the largest naval base in the world. Promotional photos of Torrie Wilson dressed as Uncle Sam will be used to market the event as well. WWE also plans to announce they will allow members of the military to view the PPV for free as well.

The Great American Bash was a series of summer events promoted by Jim Crockett Promotions in the late 1980s. The Baltimore, Maryland stop of the July 1988 Great American Bash was aired live on PPV, headlined by NWA champion Ric Flair defeating Lex Luger when the match was "stopped" due to Luger's bleeding by the State Athletic Commission. That show was the first NWA event that was available nationally through all cable systems on PPV.

The Baltimore Bash became an annual NWA/WCW PPV fixture and the name was used regularly by the NWA and later WCW until 2000.

The 6/27 Bash show is one of two additional PPVs WWE is adding to their roster this year. The second is PPV scheduled for Tuesday 10/19, although no name has been announced for the show.

19Mike D
      ID: 41831612
      Mon, Apr 12, 2004, 10:37
I used to go to Baltimore to see WCW back in the day. Saw some great stuff, and it was a neat location (downtown Baltimore).
      ID: 63301420
      Fri, Apr 16, 2004, 23:00
The following is an article from

After months of negotiations, the WWE and Steve Austin have been unable to come to terms on a new contract and as a result have mutually agreed to part company.

Both parties have left the door open to work together again in the future and the WWE wishes Steve the very best in his future endeavors.

      ID: 523431321
      Fri, Apr 16, 2004, 23:08
additionally, it looks like Show is gonna need 8-to-12 weeks off, and Misterio about 8...
      ID: 63301420
      Sun, Apr 18, 2004, 10:54
- The Rock’s contract expires later this year and reportedly at this time, he’s not sure if he wants to renew with the company. He now owns rights to the trademark “The Rock” so he could easily turn to movies full-time and market himself with that name. However, one thing that may get the Rock to consider re-signing with WWE is that if he’s affiliated with the company in some capacity, they will help promote his future movies on their TV programs.

- Ric Flair never even bothered to get further tests done on his neck as he’s decided that as long as he’s not in any great pain, he’ll just continue to work through the injury. The only problem he currently has is a weakening and numbing in one of his hands but that has reportedly gotten better as of late.

- The Big Show has missed recent house shows due to a sore back and bad knees. He is still scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery on both knees in the future and will probably be sidelined for about one month which is another reason why WWE has decided to go all-out in pushing John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

      ID: 63301420
      Sun, Apr 18, 2004, 10:54
As we stated the two sides came to a boiling point when the use of the “Stone Cold” name came up. Austin wanting to use the name for outside projects, but WWE said they wanted a piece of the action. Clearly WWE was not going to give up the rights. Austin wanted full name control and wanted to choose all his own outside projects with no royalties going to WWE.

Austin went ahead and hired a high paid attorney who chose to play hardball with the company. Neither of the two sides would give in which made for some heated conversations.

The possibility of this whole thing leading to Austin’s departure was known from the beginning. After negotiations were halted yesterday, WWE announced that Austin was no longer employed by the company yet the door would remain open for him to return once the two sides reached an agreement that everyone could benefit from.

Many other reports indicated that Austin played hardball in order to be free from WWE and head to Japan. However that was not the case at all. Austin had been in many different discussions with his lawyer, whom WWE blame for this, Bill Goldberg and his attorney Barry Bloom about a desire to put together a U.S. pay-per-view headlined by Goldberg and Austin, in addition to the two working in Japan. Goldberg has strong and steady deal going with Pride, which has been that way for quite some time because of Goldberg’s agent, Bloom and his relationship with Pride. An associate of Bloom, Michael Braverman, was a producer of many Pride pay-per-views.

So a meeting was put together this week in Texas between Austin and Japanese officials to discuss his options working in Japan. Working there is definitely an option for Austin but he has not chosen them over WWE. This is just something he wanted to do along with working in WWE. But with the possibility of Austin working with someone else wanting to produce pay-per-views in the U.S., WWE were not about to let that happen.

Also, let me just lay to rest any rumors of WWE killing negotiations with Austin because of the recent domestic abuse allegations against him. Those reports are no where near being true and had absolutely nothing to do with WWE’s decision or stern negotiation tactics. If anything, WWE may have felt that he could deal with the situation while away from the company.
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