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0 Subject: Waiver Moves (including Spoilers)

Posted by: Farn
- Sustainer [451044109] Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 17:14

see next post (I don't know the invisible code for the brown color).
      ID: 451044109
      Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 17:14
Highlight to read. It will include spoilers.

At what point do we suspend waiver moves from Tuesday night to Thursday night? There is a distinct advantage to reading spoilers and knowing if somebody appears or gets a big push. Obviously Seven's name was all over spoilers and he will be appearing soon, thus making for an unfair advantage to anyone who doesn't read spoilers.

Also, it appears as though Show is taking his long expected vacation. Which is why I tried to trade him almost immediately after the draft. But I can't complain. I will be happy to retain him for next season. If all goes according to other rumors I should be able to retain Kane too. :)
      ID: 4991311
      Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 17:46
Farn, not sure where you got your info. I just read the spoiler and didnt read anything about either thing you mentioned.
      ID: 599393013
      Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 17:51
Farn - there is no waiver suspension period, nor should there be.

Wiggs - i probably blocked your waiver pickup a couple hours too early. i'm kicking myself...
      ID: 451044109
      Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 18:19
wiggs- there was a followup spoiler on the first guy on my team i mentioned. the 2nd is just one that you informed me about a while back.
      ID: 7724916
      Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 18:35
Yes and no Farn about the advantage it brings reading spoilers. Whenever there is a waiver claim I always check to see who it is and see if it's someone I'm interested in.....and can go to the various sites if necessary to read up.

Bluntly the biggest disadvantage to those more in the know (of which I am NOT a part) is the inability to have blind waivers.
      ID: 217351118
      Wed, Apr 14, 2004, 20:04
That's why all free agent transactions are waiver claims. If someone claims Seven and you don't know why, I suggest you check the spoilers.
      ID: 60151121
      Thu, Apr 15, 2004, 01:31
Well, I've been waiting for the right waiver body to come along to get rid of Farouq.
Specie's cut me off.
Only Mike D in front for now, and then I can wait it out for the right body.

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