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0 Subject: Week 4 Backlash Points

Posted by: Farn
- Sustainer [451044109] Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 16:18

Name Tonight's Total          
Al Snow 0          
A-Train 0          
Batista 5 5        
Brian Christopher 0          
Chris Benoit 72 12 30 10 20  
Chris Jericho 42 12 30      
Chris Nowinski 0          
Christian 24 12 12      
Chuck Palumbo 0          
Edge 42 12 30      
Eric Bischoff 0          
Eugene Dinsmore 15 5 10      
Gail Kim 15 5 10      
Garrison Cade 10 10        
Goldberg 0          
Ivory 0          
Jacqueline 0          
Jazz 0          
Jerry Lawler 5 5        
Jim Ross 5 5        
John Heidenreich 0          
Johnathan Coachman 42 12 30      
Johnny Nitro 0          
Josh Matthews 0          
Kane 27 12 15      
Lance Storm 0          
Lillian Garcia 0          
Lita 27 12 15      
Mark Henry 0          
Matt Hardy 0          
Maven 0          
Mick Foley 27 12 15      
Molly Holly 15 5 10      
Nidia 0          
Randy Orton 62 5 12 30 10 5
Rhyno 0          
Ric Flair 32 12 15 5    
Rob Conway 24 12 12      
Rodney Mack 0          
Rosey 37 12 25      
Scott Steiner 0          
Shawn Michaels 47 12 15 20    
Shelton Benjamin 42 12 30      
Stacey Keibler 0          
Steven Austin 0          
Steven Richards 0          
Sylvan Grenier 24 12 12      
Tajiri 27 12 15      
Test 0          
The Hurricane 37 12 25      
The Rock 0          
Tommy Dreamer 0          
Triple H 52 5 12 15 20  
Trish Stratus 24 12 12      
Val Venis 0          
Victoria 47 12 30 5    
Vince McMahon 0          
William Regal 15 5 10      
Tonight's Total Points 843          
      ID: 451044109
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 16:18
- didn't give them but does Benoit get points for them showing him arriving at the arena? It was technically during Heat but they showed it over and over.

- Gave Victoria 5 for the title defense; is that the number we settled on?

- Gave Orton 10 for his defense; is that right?

- 10 to Benoit for his defense? (which I gave)

- 12 to Christina and Trish (kinda like tag points) while Y2J gets 30?

- didn't give them but does Benoit get points for that video package of him in the schools?

- did Flair and Batista come to ringside? If so are there interferance points there?
      ID: 451044109
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 16:20
- Didn't give Cade turn points. That's up to the group to decide.
      ID: 1629107
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 16:22
It was noted that Cade might deserve heel-turn points. I'm not sure I agree but it should probably be brought up for discussion.
      ID: 1629107
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 16:22
Ah Im too slow.
      ID: 3155515
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 17:12
Last we saw Cade, he was a face with Jindrak. Now he came out, and helped a definate heel in Coach.

That's my case.
      ID: 7724916
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 18:49
In that case, Jindrak will need turn points soon (if not already) by being aligned with Teddy Long....and he just squashed Spike Dudley last week.

I can see Jindrak's case taking another week or so.....but have to admit if Cade helped Coach, that's a pretty blatant turn.
      ID: 217351118
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 21:04
When was the last time Jindrak and Cade were faces?

I'm under the impression that they've both been heels since before Season 3 started.

They were both faces back on March 8th, which was Week 27 of Season 2. That site mistakes Cade for Sean OHaire but we know that OHaire was gone long before then. The week 27 Raw Points thread shows the correct points for them winning a 4 on 4 tag match against the Dudleys, RVD and Booker T.

The previous week they beat Hurricane and Rosie.

That was the first match they'd been in in weeks. I searched their names through the raw points thread and the last one they came up in before that (aside from one backstage vignette where they were reading playboy) was on Dec 8th, Week 14. And they wrestled Lance Storm and Val Venis, two faces.

The week before that they wrestled the Dudleys, and in the recap it said that that was a rematch. I think this was a case where there was a long slow turn. The fact that situations like this arise is one of the reasons why I think we should either stop rewarding turns or make them worth more than 10 stupid points. They clearly turned, but at what point? They weren't seen on Raw for almost 3 months following their Dec 8th match against Storm & Venis. If they weren't full heels by then, they probably finished the shift during some appearances on Heat over the time that followed becuse it appears that tey were clearly turned by the March 1st show. If anyone wants to check that, recaps Heat, I'm too lazy to check now. So, assuming that's the case for the moment...
Question 1. We don't allow points for things that happen on Heat and Velocity, should turns be different? Personally, I think so and if they have clearly turned during a run of appearances on the B shows I would think it most in the spirit of the rules to award the points for their first appearance on the A show in their new personnas.
Question 2. Should we award points for events that took place in the previous season if we failed to award them when we should have? I can't think of any reason why we should, but maybe someone else can.

Or maybe someone will do the research and find that cade and Jindrak never did actually turn through all that time on Heat and will make a case that they have not been heels until the last few weeks. I'm gonna go watch Raw.
      ID: 217351118
      Mon, Apr 19, 2004, 21:26
Typo - The first hyperlinked line should read: They were both heels back on March 8th
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